RLI File Resources for Part 1

Updated December 12, 2015

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Resources for RLI Course Guide — Part I
Items that are not highlighted are located at the back of the materials for each Course.

Leadership Characteristics
Volunteer v. Professional Overheads
The Basics for Effective Leadership Are Really Pretty Basic
12 Leadership Essentials for the 21st Century

Rotary Beyond the Club
Insert RBC-1: Organizational Chart- Our Complex Organization
Insert RBC-2: RI Strategic Plan 2007-2010
Insert RBC-3: Session Slides (ppt)
Rotary Basics
History of Rotary International
Rotary Strategic Plan 2008-09 Update(ppt)
Contact RI Staff

Membership Retention
Insert MR-1: Resigning Member Survey
Insert MR-2: Session Slides (ppt)
Insert MR-3: 10 Point Plan for Member Retention
Membership Development Resource Guide
Club Assessment Tools
Club Leadership Plan
Club Leadership Plan Slideshow(ppt)
E-Learn Member Retention Slideshow(ppt)

The Rotary Foundation I
Insert RF-1: Programs of The Rotary Foundation
Insert RF-2: Rotary Foundation Appreciation & Recognition Opportunities
Foundation Facts
Quick Reference Guide
E-Learn Foundation Slideshow (ppt)
Future Vision Quick Guide
2009 Rotary Foundation Budget Changes

Leadership Team Building
Insert LTB-1: Club Committee Structure
Insert LTB-2: Club Coat of Arms Exercise
Club Presidents Manual
Club Administration Committee Manual
Club Membership Committee Manual
Club Public Relations Committee Manual
Club Service Projects Committee Manual
Club Rotary Foundation Committee Manual
Club Leadership Plan

Service Projects
Insert SP-1: Service Project Questions
Communities in Action: A Guide to Effective Projects
A Menu of Service Opportunities
Community Assessment Tools
Working in the Community