RLI File Resources for Part 2

Updated December 12, 2015

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Resources for RLI Course Guide — Part II

Items that are not highlighted are located at the back of the materials for each Course.

Leadership Goals
• Insert LG-1: Strategic Planning Guide
Club Presidents Manual
Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs
What Will Rotary Look Like in 10 Years
The Rotary International Strategic Plan

The Rotary Foundation II 
• Insert RFII-1: DDF Account Register
• Insert RFII-2: DDF Options
Full Share Kit
TRF Quick Reference Guide
SHARE Slideshow (ppt)
Future Vision Plan Comparison Chart
Future Vision Plan Quick Reference Guide
Future Vision Plan Slideshow (ppt)
Future Vision Plan Slideshow (2009 Update) (ppt)

Communication Skills
• Insert CS-1: Sample Biography of District Governor 
• Insert CS-2: 10 Tips for Public Speaking
• Insert CS-3: Communication Skills, (Page 3) Excepted from Leadership Development: Your Guide to Starting a Program
Effective Public Relations

10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes
The 10 Commandments of Communication 

Ethics — Vocational Service
• Insert EVS-1: The Guiding Principles of Rotary
The Four Way Test Means Business
Applying the 4 Way Test
Organizing a 4 Way Test Essay
Vocational Service Month
Rotary Volunteer Handbook
E-Learn Vocational Service (ppt)

Membership Recruitment  
• Insert MRII-1: The Membership Process Chart 
Membership Development Resource Guide
New Member Orientation: A How-To Guide for Clubs
Rotary Basics
How to Propose a New Member
New Member Bulletin
Club, District & R.I.: Partners in Membership Development
Club Membership Committee Manual
Welcome to Rotary Video
E-Learn Member Recruitment Slideshow (ppt)
More Recruitment Resources Online

Analyzing Your Rotary Club
• Insert ARC-1: Rotary Club Self-Evaluation and Review
We Care Program
Club Culture Slideshow (ppt)