RLI File Resources for Part 3

Updated December 12, 2015

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Resources for RLI Course Guide — Part III

Items that are not highlighted are located at the back of the materials for each Course.

International Service
Insert IS-1: Suggested Steps in Developing a World Community Service Project
Insert IS-2: Scenarios for International Service Projects
Insert IS-3: Sample Matching Grant Budget
Insert IS-4: What is World Community Service?
World Community Service Handbook: a Guide to Action
World Community Service Slideshow (ppt)
Projectlink Database Search
Rotary Volunteers Handbook
Rotary Volunteers Slideshow (ppt)

Effective Leadership Strategies
Insert ELS-1: Effective Leadership Strategy Scenarios
Insert ELS-2: Building Consensus, (Page 12) Excepted from Leadership Development: Your Guide to Starting a Program
Insert ELS-3: 7 Leadership Strategies for Volunteers
Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs

Rotary Opportunities
Insert RO-1: Match: Rotary International’s Structured Programs
Insert RO-2: List of Structured Program Resources
Insert RO-3: Rotarian Action Groups
Insert RO-4: Rotary Fellowships
Insert RO-5: The Programs of Rotary International
Global Networking Group Directory

Leadership — Public Relations
Insert LPR-1: Public Relations Exercises
Insert LPR-2: 44 PR Resources & Ideas
Insert LPR-3: Public Relations Writing
Effective Public Relations
Visual Identity Guide
Media Crisis Handbook
Media & News tab @ www.rotary.org
Public Relations @ www.rotary.org
Humanity in Motion campaign @ www.rotary.org for TV, print, radio & billboard

Making a Difference
Insert MD-1: RLI Courses